Endesa lead capture platform


The company Endesa, together with Pan Media, decided to create a campaign to capture leads for the bakery sector. It is about capturing customers who enter a bakery as leads, where in exchange for a loaf of bread, they give up their data so that Endesa salespeople can contact them later.


The age range of a customer who goes to a bakery can vary, from 18 years old to over 80 years old, so the first obstacle to overcome is to create an easy-to-use platform for all ages.

In addition, the baker had to create an application where he could view the number of loaves delivered daily, as well as the commission associated with this campaign.


An external signage was designed, where by means of a QR code it is redirected to a web form that is very easy to fill in by the client. Once this is filled, it is shown to the bakery to receive your loaf of bread.

For the baker, a native application was developed for both iOS and Android, to be able to quickly and easily view the number of loaves delivered, as well as see the associated monthly commission.

Finally, an internal dashboard was developed for Endesa and its network commercial, where you can manage these leads, the bakers and the commission of each of them.



Web App

Mobile App

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