Crepnova online store


Crepnova is a chain of high-quality pizzerias in Barcelona. They have been on the market since 1982 and are famous for their pizzas and also their crepes.


The client came from an online store made in Wordpress with a plugin to sell online (woocommerce), the problem is that to make an online store where orders are processed in real time, wordpress is not a valid platform. In addition, this type of business has very specific needs and therefore using predefined templates is not a good approach.


We designed the online store, focusing above all on usability and ease of use, since many of the products, such as pizzas, can be add multiple toppings per pizza and this adds complexity when ordering. The entire store is responsive, therefore, the content of the store adapts perfectly according to the device being viewed.

We developed a custom online store from scratch. Adding all the functionalities that a delivery may need, such as sending an order to one store or another according to its zip code. Another of the features that we added is the dark mode according to the time the client connects.

Apart from the store itself, we created a dashboard internal for each of the stores to manage orders and communications with customers.



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